Belong to an expanding community of Members who share a growth mindset, ethics and values

Join our regular group mentoring sessions and gain from expertise in your industry

Participate in our wide range of positive impact projects that develop your talents


Receive special offers and discounts with our Members and partners

Stay connected with the latest learnings to help you grow to become a

 Brand for Humanity


As a Member of the Revolutioner Business Club, you belong to the PI community of experts, innovators, scientists, leaders, creatives, teachers and other professionals committing their work to benefit the greater good of the business and social communities.

From educational webinars to project welcome meetings and events, there is something for everyone across the PI Community.


Members of the Revolutioner Business Club can attend the regular group mentoring sessions that take place. Sessions are grouped by industry and topic. 

Please contact your Mentor organisation for more details.


Our projects deliver the PI Intentions for Sustainability and work to deliver positive impact societal across all aspects of environmental, social and economic factors.

Our work showcases the success patterns of healthy collaborations. We plan, execute and report on these healthy ways to achieve success so others can follow in our footsteps.

We believe collective prosperity is the only way to work.


Our community understands the value of supporting each other. 

We are proud to bring you special rates and offers that help you grow and develop to deliver your best, look and feel fantastic and learn how to be even greater than you are now.

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Save 50% on a Six Session 

P5 Coaching Programme

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Receive a complimentary Behaviour Financial Review, valued at $120

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As a Revolutioner Business Club Member, you will get the latest research, case studies and learnings from the PI projects before they are released anywhere else!

Belonging to a greater ecosystem means you can benefit from the findings and ideas that your fellow Members publish, and you can learn from being involved or observing successful collaborations and having the support within our system to transfer the benefits to your business.

With transparency, honesty and applied best practice, your business will grow to become a Brand For Humanity, built on the principles and ethics of customer respect, healthy communities and social values.


Purposeful Innovators are revolutionising the way the world works!

We want to reinvent the way that companies work and use expertise by creating new collaboration methods that respect human rights and adhere to ethical standards for the sake of our planet, communities and economy. 

The Revolutioner Business Club places Members to work inside companies within your industry. Not only to you get a space to work, colleagues to support your growth, and specialist knowledge and expertise - you can give your fresh insights and showcase your strengths and talents to those that can help you reach your potential faster while you help them innovate.

Our philosophy is about collective expansion through excellence in collaborations. We believe our methodology, based on neuroscience, facilitates pandemic recovery through positive impact, strategic purpose, industry expertise and best practice. 

Purposeful Innovators CIC (PI) is certified by the Registrar of Companies for England and Wales incorporated under the Companies Act 2006 as a Community Interest Company limited by shares, and the situation of its registered office is in England and Wales.

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