We support research that advances our society, helps us learn about humanity and we make learnings accessible to the public.


Changes towards positive evolution of planet, people and economies requires us to act on credible data and that comes from ethically conducted studies.


Through collaborative support and partnerships between corporates and academic institutions, we work together to help ease the process by which we can generate and adopt new learnings and discoveries.

Working with subject experts, academic institutions and private companies we make new research easily accessible and understood reaching into diverse industries as an enabler for evidence-based market growth strategies. 

Improving all aspects of our macro environment 

New discoveries are needed now more than ever, so that we make wise decisions in a complex world. 

We support and help facilitate research that helps us understand more about our environment, an environment on which we depend to survive. By working with scientist and subject matter experts, we can share new knowledge and research and bring their learnings and discoveries into the main stream to help all sectors of our community learn from them, too.


Building a better future for our us and our world around us.

We, as humans, are discovering our inner world as much as we are learning about how we thrive within our world and communities. Through Research For Humanity, we help researchers discover more about our human condition.

We promote participation opportunities and then share research and insights and help others utilise new information in ways that helps all sectors of our community develop and progress.

Helping industries evolve to deliver better social impact.

Economics has for long been about making decisions about limited resources. We believe in Prosperity for All, where financial literacy and social equality provides economic plenty for all of society.

Changing attitudes requires new research to drive new perspectives on old challenges. Only through new data can we create new economic models that will eliminate poverty and social imbalance.

Collaborative initiatives that advance societies.

Working with all types of education, research institutions and private organisations, we generate new projects and initiatives that channel expertise into solving major challenges.

Successful collaborations bring the broadest range of solutions to help solve the most complex of challenges. We facilitate strategic solutions and execute fast response action to make the greatest impact at each and every opportunity.

Conserving and regenerating nature and humanity.

Our open source and transparent collaborator system expedites results based on immediate yet precision calculated action.

Our reporting processes are agile and continuous, evaluations are conducted within industry best practices and shared to achieve associated benefits in other industries and in society.



By sharing the latest credible research and knowledge we want to scale up our collective capabilities.

We work to bring knowledge into communities to be used to benefit all.

SOCIAL advancement for collective positive impact

CREDIBILITY of sources and facts that drive change

AUTHORISED interpretation and dissemination

LEARNING that reaches deep into the remotest populations

EVIDENCE based data, facts and figures.


Learn more about our initiatives and get involved below.

Supporting new research into science that improves our world

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Facilitating research into the Arts and driving new perspectives on the value of creativity

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Helping to uncover new discoveries in Sports and personal physical achievements



Our committee is made up of Members of the Purposeful Innovators Global Board.

The International Green Council (IGC) is operated by Purposeful Innovators CIC, the non-profit community interest company registered in the United Kingdom.

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Marketing and PR Global Impact
People Impact
Social Impact 
Commercial Impact


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Purposeful Innovators are revolutionising the way the world works!

We want to reinvent the way that companies work and use expertise by creating new collaboration methods that respect human rights and adhere to ethical standards for the sake of our planet, communities and economy. 

Our philosophy is about collective expansion through excellence in collaborations. We believe our methodology, based on neuroscience, facilitates pandemic recovery through positive impact, strategic purpose, industry expertise and best practice. 

Purposeful Innovators CIC (PI) is certified by the Registrar of Companies for England and Wales incorporated under the Companies Act 2006 as a Community Interest Company limited by shares, and the situation of its registered office is in England and Wales.

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