The International Green Council (IGC) is a council formed of Members committed to best practice in environmental, social and economic sustainability.


Our Member companies provide you with local expertise and guidance on how to ensure your corporate activities deliver their sustainability pledge with energy efficiency, waste management, local sourcing and repurposing of material and content and more.

Our Global Board will connect you with local land and marine conservation initiatives, eco-tourism providers and educational opportunities. From joint ventures, strategic partners and start up initiatives, we enable you to achieve commercial initiatives that are credible across the three dimensions of sustainability (planet, people, profit) and to international standards.

Improving all aspects of our macro environment. 

We are a council curated from non-profit organisations, trade associations and private companies who aim to exercise sustainability, as their industry standard. Through our networks, strategies and partnerships, we are collectively charging our communities with the science of best practice of sustainability.

We focus on all the three channels of sustainable profit, sustainable people and sustainable planet all the time. Working with Camara Verde (Latin America), we are looking for Founding Members to champion green commerce in Europe and the Middle East.

We are practicing, today, the future that our children will be proud to inherit.


Building a better future for our natural world and us.


The International Green Council accelerates long term growth. Whether your organisation has an interest in social impact or is striving to achieve the OECD commitment, we can help you succeed.

Not only are we the consolidated voice of sustainable global enterprises, we create knowledge and distribute it to speed up purpose-driven innovation using scientifically proven sustainability road maps.

Helping industries evolve to deliver better social impact.

We promote sustainability as a strategy, to strengthen commercial ties and establish best practices as a norm, internationally. We achieve this through our global communities, in collaboration with public and private sector industry leaders and other stakeholders, to develop best practice, share knowledge and experience as well as develop professional relationships through extensive networking.


Collaborative initiatives that advance societies.

Our Purpose is to establish sustainability enablers for our communities, by:

- Curating sustainable international organisations.

- Championing sustainability as strategy for their community.

- Activating and establishing communities for purposeful innovation.

- Providing an extensive community of commercial best-practice sponsors, Members and industry experts.

- Establishing enablers for the green community.

Conserving and regenerating nature and humanity.

Work with us to improve your sustainability by strengthening your commercial strategies, brand impact and people strengths – from the inside out.

Generate value that matters through precision engineered initiatives that focuses on profit and equity. Brands for humanity are those that deliver their unique brand concept, now and in the long-term future.



As the International Green Council, our collective intention is for our world. 

Our greatest and most sustainable societal impact is through initiatives that benefit profit, people and the planet.

We work for our world, willing to put ethics and social impact ahead of short-term gain.

WE are a collaboration where everyone is a conservationist

ONE open source immersive learning, information for all

ROBUST positive impact frameworks for all organisations

LEVERS linking, communicating and activating the system

DATA transparency of case studies, knowledge and reports


Learn more about our initiatives and get involved below.

Regeneration is critical to human survival on land and not just marine and wildlife.

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Countering false information with factual reporting and data

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Collaborative initiatives that drive policy change



Our committee is made up of Members of the Purposeful Innovators Global Board.

The International Green Council (IGC) is operated by Purposeful Innovators CIC, the non-profit community interest company registered in the United Kingdom.

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We want to reinvent the way that companies work and use expertise by creating new collaboration methods that respect human rights and adhere to ethical standards for the sake of our planet, communities and economy. 

Our philosophy is about collective expansion through excellence in collaborations. We believe our methodology, based on neuroscience, facilitates pandemic recovery through positive impact, strategic purpose, industry expertise and best practice. 

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