We launch 50 Schools with the theme of  "Changing Mindsets About Sustainability"

50 Schools is a campaign launched by Purposeful Innovators to get schools implementing exciting and creative ideas that teach sustainability. There are loads of activities to choose from across the 3Ps of sustainability (Planet, People, Profit) - the only condition is that schools cover all 3Ps.


In order to become more sustainable, we need to learn about the 3Ps (Planet, People and Profit) and experience learning activities that help us adopt a healthier lifestyle. Along with our partners, we have created loads of ideas for how your school can learn and adopt new habits that the students can also do at home. Show your support for sustainability by completing the check list. We will collate the replies and present it to your school on your behalf. 



Our partners have collaborated to make this campaign happen, pooling together resources and connections to make the greatest impact possible.


Bring your brand on tour as we take our theme of building a better future to schools across the UAE. 

Feature your logo on our collateral. Starting from $3,000.

50 Years Of Diversity

Celebrating 50 years of diversity and tolerance in the UAE, we have partnered with Ronai to bring 50 schools together to learn basic mending and sewing skills and get featured on our fabric waste flag.

That's just the hook to get them started! As part of the Sustainability Pledge Schools can sign up to receiving Ronai's fabric off-cuts. Launching in 2021, Ronai's fabric waste reduction programme has resulted in a whopping 80% reduction in total manufacturing waste that would have normally ended up in landfill. Instead, local schools can sign up to receive regular deliveries of fabric off-cuts to be used in any which way they like! From arts and crafts to sewing patchwork quilts, we always love to see what they make. 

Build-A-Block With The 3Ps

It takes all 3 Ps to build thriving communities that prosper. Show your support to sustainability by featuring your brand on a particular brick, colour coded for Planet, People and Profit. Or, even better support all three and demonstrate your commitment to Prosperity For All.

Schools Sustainability Pledge Book

Tell your sustainability success story and get featured in the official Schools Sustainability Pledge Book. All the schools who have signed up will receive this book with full guidelines and details about how to implement the activities featured in the survey. 


We would love you to spread the word about our community campaigns so that everyone can learn how easy it is to have a healthier impact of our environment, within our communities and financially, too.


Bringing Financial Literacy and Education to Low and Middle Income Countries by Wisdom Robert Holzmann

UN Discussion Paper on Nutrition

The impact of a community-based food skills intervention on cooking confidence, food preparation methods and dietary choices – an exploratory trial


50 Schools is the 2021 flagship campaign delivered under Thriving Roots, a Purposeful Innovators collaboration which supports the sustainability of communities worldwide. Educational initiatives are programmed according to support the needs of the local community.


Purposeful Innovators are revolutionising the way the world works!

We want to reinvent the way that companies work and use expertise by creating new collaboration methods that respect human rights and adhere to ethical standards for the sake of our planet, communities and economy. 

Our philosophy is about collective expansion through excellence in collaborations. We believe our methodology, based on neuroscience, facilitates pandemic recovery through positive impact, strategic purpose, industry expertise and best practice. 

Purposeful Innovators CIC (PI) is certified by the Registrar of Companies for England and Wales incorporated under the Companies Act 2006 as a Community Interest Company limited by shares, and the situation of its registered office is in England and Wales.

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